The restaurant at Aalborg Airport Hotel serves a variaty of deliciously
prepared meals from local ingredients – often organic


Cæsar salad

Crispy salads with chicken, bacon, dressing and croutons kr. 78,00


Mixed green salads, made with the best ingredients in the kitchen. kr. 69,00


Sandwich made with fresh ingredients. kr. 69,00


Homemade pizza’s;
Choose between ham, kebab or pepperoni. 
kr. 98,00


Coffe of your choice from Peter Larsen, with filled local chocolates from Aalborg Chokoladen. kr. 79,00



Northern Jutlandish gin from Nordic Distillery in Fjerritslev
Served with a choice of juice from Bies Brewery in Hobro 
kr. 89,00


made with the best organic ingredients from the kitchen kr. 99,00

Skagen Ham

the infamous smoked ham from the town of Skagen, on a bed of cabbage salad,
served with black currant vinaigrette, walnuts and cured seabuckthorn berries 
kr. 129,00

Cesar salad

made with fresh romaine lettuce and grilled chicken breast from Rokkedahl,
parmesan cheese, croutons and dressing 
kr. 129,00


200g Beef Ribeyesteak from Himmerland’s Meat,
served with variation of different cabbage and oven grilled small potatoes
Served with ox tail glaze, rounded with crème and blue cheese. 
kr. 299,00

House Burger

served in a brioche bun, with our own aiolï,
served with steak fries, mayonnaise and ketchup.
Served with a 200g beef from Himmerland’s Meat or free-range chicken breast from Rokkedahl
* Addon of cheese, bacon or onion-rings kr. 10,00 extra pr. item
* Can be served vegetarian
kr. 179,00

Rokkedahl chicken

served with organic fettuccine pasta,
tossed with savory tomato sauce and topped with parmesan cheese and fresh herbs
* Can be served vegetarian
kr. 179,00


with rye and seed crackers, marmalade made from organic wild blueberries and crunchy fresh grapes
kr. 129,00

Ryå-Ice cream

Blackcurrant sorbet from Ryå Ice creamery,
served with homemade chocolate cake with seabuckthron berry mousse 
kr. 99,00